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The great submersion

A few days ago, I finally finished BioShock 2. It was a game I bought about a year ago when I saw what I thought was a very good deal on a special edition with a book full of beautiful concept art. I later learned that this ‘very good deal’ could be had everywhere, and that I could’ve bought it later for the same price. The game ended up at the end of a long queue of games. Luckily, playing it was, much like playing the first game, a very memorable experience. The novelty of Rapture had worn off a bit,  but the grim atmosphere and sceneries where still there. The effect Rapture had on me is what inspired me to write the following. Continue reading

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Taking a leap

As you will know by now, my decks tend to fall on the control-side of the spectrum. The cards I like are rarely fast critters; I love drawing cards more than anything, and I’ll take value over speed any time. Today, however, inspired by a MTG-article I cannot recall, I decided to get over it and try my luck at an attack-deck. The weird thing is, I’d rather play a slower deck and lose, than play a fast deck and win. Unless the fast deck is fast, but has enough flair and diversity to keep me interested. Now that my goals are set, only the execution is left! Continue reading

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All about M12

Hi all, I hope you had a splendid prerelease this weekend, if you went to one (or two). I really had a great time with Rick and Robert. For today, I want to give a quick recap of the prerelease, including the most epic sequence of plays I have made in recent memory, and then go over the spoiler for some good gems in there. It’s not really a set to spring a lot of ideas, in my opinion, but there’s surely one nut in there that’s been really hard for me to crack. I cracked it a dozen times, only to find out it didn’t work. On to it! Continue reading

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For Rick

Alternate title: how to find joy in the things that restrict you (and how restriction isn’t limiting at all)

For years now, Rick is my best friend. We met through a mutual Magic-playing friend who we both knew independently. While he faded away from Magic, Rick stuck around in my local playing ground, and therefore in my circle of friends. He’s been there ever since. He can be a bit stubborn at times, however. That is why I’m dedicating this next deck to him. And just by those words, he will know enough. For those that don’t know (which is everyone but him and me), I give you four words: Peasant Squirrel Nest abuse. Continue reading

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Fish and crabs

The very fact that I am typing this text and that you are reading it marks a special moment. For months I have been putting of building the deck I’m about to show you. I wanted to build this deck before Glissa’s Deathspark, Galvanotherapy, Mono Black Control Proliferate, Jace of Fire, Aeonpheaval, Porcelain Portal, Phycho, and TezzeREDRUM. It all boils down to me being afraid to build the deck, afraid to fail like the last time I built this deck. The only difference is that I have a few new tools at my disposal and some valuable feedback from others. Read on if you want to know just how worthy goldfishing is. Continue reading