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New format fever

This is the story of how an improptu barbeque and the evening that followed sparked a fire thought to be all but put out. Continue reading


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For Rick

Alternate title: how to find joy in the things that restrict you (and how restriction isn’t limiting at all)

For years now, Rick is my best friend. We met through a mutual Magic-playing friend who we both knew independently. While he faded away from Magic, Rick stuck around in my local playing ground, and therefore in my circle of friends. He’s been there ever since. He can be a bit stubborn at times, however. That is why I’m dedicating this next deck to him. And just by those words, he will know enough. For those that don’t know (which is everyone but him and me), I give you four words: Peasant Squirrel Nest abuse. Continue reading


Welcome to Stidjen’s Magic

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. This blog is exclusively about Magic: the Gathering. For all you Dutchies out there, check my first blog (in Dutch): Dutch is my native voice, but I’d like to think my use of the English language is adequate. Please forgive me in advance if I make terrible mistakes, grammatically, semantically, or otherwise.
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