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No run-of-the-mill Crab

I have found it. I have seen the light. Bant is the way to go for my little crustaceans. Jin (DLink) showed me in the comments of my previous blogpost that black was unneeded, and that the two biggest arguments for black – Head Games and Mind Funeral – could be averted using other cards. Jester’s Mask is Head Games, while Mind Funeral is negated by Archive Trap, another punisher for those who fetch, search and shuffle. And Robert, faitful source of ideas as he always is, gave another pricless tip. I’ll show you below with which cards I’m going to make the final deck.

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The crab that could(n’t)

Last summer I started working on a deck with Hedron Crab. I saw it posted on – Landmill 2.0 – by Noel DeCordova and was enchanted, but as always, I wanted to give my own spin on it. The deck was already quirky as-is, but not enough for my taste. Also, it contained a card from Unhinged. Ugh. Then someone on MTGSalvation’s Casual forums posted a similar decklist and I just couldn’t resist anymore. Sadly, the Crabs couldn’t hold their own and neither did the deck. Today I tell the story of the little crab that couldn’t, and how I’m looking to ditch the n’t. Continue reading

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Four tidbits

Working on some new decks, it’s funny how I subconsciously started thinking about a lot of the flashier cards I mentioned two times during Mirrodin Besieged-previews. Maybe writing about it did this, maybe it was a natural course of events. There’s the Tezzeret-deck with the singleton Spine of Ish Sah. In more recent developments, I can now write about Shimmer Myr, Galvanoth and Glissa, the Traitor in the context about both new and familiar decks. Continue reading