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Innistrad Threeview (part 3 of 3)

Today I conclude my first-ever full Threeview set review. I discuss Innistrad-cards using three words: nothing more, nothing less. It’s poetry in the form of Magic cards. Or nonsense. Probably both. Continue reading

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Innistrad Threeview (part 2 of 3)

Today, we continue with this peculiar Innistrad set review. Every card gets discussed, but every card just gets three words. Three! You’d be surprised how much can be said with three words. It’s like poetry, except about Magic. Continue reading

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Innistrad Threeview (part 1 of 3)

Around the time of the M12 prerelease I had a few cards I wanted to talk about, but I found out there wasn’t much to say about them. So I limited what I could say about them to three words per card. Today, I’m doing the same for Innistrad, card for card. A lot of this is made up on the spot, making this almost some kind of psychological experiment where I just blurt out the first three coherent words that come to mind. I have no idea how this will turn out, so please let me know in the comments if I have struck set-reviewing gold or a turd. Here goes for the first two colors: white and blue! Continue reading


The Royal Wave

Welcome back, my dearest readers, to my weekly Magic column. Last week I wrote about the interesting cards on the Card Image Gallery (seriously, what happened to the Visual Spoiler?) as of last Wednesday. This was because I spent my weekend in Italy, watching Formula 1-cars and other high-speed four-wheelers drive by at insane speeds. When I wasn’t at the track in Monza, I was shuffling around with the ofEmpires-deck I talked about two weeks ago. Today, I’d like to tell more about that. Continue reading

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Innistrad in Sight

Since we’re right in the middle of preview season and I’m cramped for time, the good and obvious way to combine these two would be to take a gander at the Innistrad Card Image Gallery and say something about a few of the cards that caught my eye. I’ll do these card thoughts in more than three words – when the set is spoiled completely, I want to start a Threeview-series where I review each card in three words. Also there will be a bit of talking about the set’s mechanics and flavor. They are two very prominent aspects of the set, so one can’t not talk about those. Continue reading

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Brewing With Bad Cards

Sometimes I cannot resist the temptation I have to build some kooky concoction around a card that is bound to not ever see the light of tournament play. My most recent venture into the world of crappy Johnnytastic-ness, a moment of Johnny weakness if you will, was when I gave into the urge to at least think about an ofEmpires-deck. And so I did. Then I got to wonder – what are the things I shouldn’t do when building this deck? There are pitfalls when brewing decks, but even moreso when brewing with questionable cards. Since I am well-versed in the realm of turning junk rares into decks, I have enough experience to fill you in. Continue reading