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Tainted and touched by death

Welcome back here! Today’s decks are two decks you have already seen: Galvanotherapy and Sisters Of Life And Death. You see, after I finished my article last week, and even before I played against Rick the next day, the deck had already changed in a few slots. And after our games, it became even more clear that changes had to be made, much to my dismay. Continue reading

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Four tidbits

Working on some new decks, it’s funny how I subconsciously started thinking about a lot of the flashier cards I mentioned two times during Mirrodin Besieged-previews. Maybe writing about it did this, maybe it was a natural course of events. There’s the Tezzeret-deck with the singleton Spine of Ish Sah. In more recent developments, I can now write about Shimmer Myr, Galvanoth and Glissa, the Traitor in the context about both new and familiar decks. Continue reading


Mirrodin Besieged: Mawre Cards!

Hurray, the Mirrodin Besieged-spoiler is complete already! This is a continuing trend from recent sets, where the spoiler goes up on wednesday instead of the night before the prerelease. Anyhoo, I decided to round up my personal thoughts on the new set with giving the new cards a look. Just the cards that interest me, mind you. Let’s get to it. Oh yeah, you can find my first review here. Continue reading


5CC Angelfire Control

Once upon a long ago my love for decks with a lot of colors was founded. I think it was Anavolver that got me thinking. The deck died a long time ago but the flame was never extinguished. When the pro players discovered how Vivid lands interacted with newly reprinted Reflecting Pool I couldn’t stay behind. At first I used that engine, if you will, to power out… Elementals. Anyone who read my Favorite Cards-section knows I like legends. If you combine this fact with my affliction for all that is multicolored, I couldn’t not make a deck with Horde of Notions. That deck died as a result of it being too aggressive, and a new card that demanded the deck’s mana base. Enter… Continue reading