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How to lose friends and alienate people

The latest deck I’ve been working on has its roots a few years back. Recently, a nice pull from a booster pack triggered a slew of ideas that ultimately brought me back there. The card? Reaper from the Wilds. The blast from the past? Braids, Cabal Minion. Continue reading

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Fish and crabs

The very fact that I am typing this text and that you are reading it marks a special moment. For months I have been putting of building the deck I’m about to show you. I wanted to build this deck before Glissa’s Deathspark, Galvanotherapy, Mono Black Control Proliferate, Jace of Fire, Aeonpheaval, Porcelain Portal, Phycho, and TezzeREDRUM. It all boils down to me being afraid to build the deck, afraid to fail like the last time I built this deck. The only difference is that I have a few new tools at my disposal and some valuable feedback from others. Read on if you want to know just how worthy goldfishing is. Continue reading

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The loneliness of a combo deck player

Hi all and welcome back here. Today will be a more out-there column than what you’re used to from me by now, but I hope you’ll like it regardless. The topic today is my combo deck called Druidstorm. It is based on pumping Devoted Druids, thereby generating mana. You draw cards with Recycle, for pump spells and other cheap spells, and end the game with Banefire. There’s also a Living Wish-toolbox for finding engine pieces, fuel for the engine, or additional finishers. This deck isn’t top of the class, but fun to play with regardless. That’s what I’m gonna show you, but not in a boring play-by-play wall of text. No sirrie – I made a comic. Continue reading


No run-of-the-mill Crab

I have found it. I have seen the light. Bant is the way to go for my little crustaceans. Jin (DLink) showed me in the comments of my previous blogpost that black was unneeded, and that the two biggest arguments for black – Head Games and Mind Funeral – could be averted using other cards. Jester’s Mask is Head Games, while Mind Funeral is negated by Archive Trap, another punisher for those who fetch, search and shuffle. And Robert, faitful source of ideas as he always is, gave another pricless tip. I’ll show you below with which cards I’m going to make the final deck.

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Tightening the thumbscrews

First ArticleSecond Article

After I made the final decklist in my second article about this deck I quickly found out some things I couldn’t have by just making the decklist. If I would be able to, I’d not do it ofcourse. In this article I’d like to go over those, try to locate the problem and suggest a change. Second, at the end of the second article I already located some possible problems that might arise. No question will be left unquestioned after you’ve read this. Let me walk you through each issue or question there currently is. With each issue there is a possible solution. After reviewing all the issues I will try to make a new list of the deck based on the solutions to the problems below. Continue reading


More on the Green Lock

(Read the first post about this deck here.)

In my first contentual post on this blog I described the road my Mono Green Control deck has traveled down. What started as a deck based on the two green Ancestral RecallsSylvan Library plus Abundance, and Yavimaya Elder – eventually became more and more aggressive, something I have a hard time connecting with. Aggressive decks just aren’t in my nature. The green deck needed a massive overhaul, which I did the first draft of yesterday. Today I’ll show you the list and the thoughts behind it. Continue reading