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5CC Angelfire Control

Once upon a long ago my love for decks with a lot of colors was founded. I think it was Anavolver that got me thinking. The deck died a long time ago but the flame was never extinguished. When the pro players discovered how Vivid lands interacted with newly reprinted Reflecting Pool I couldn’t stay behind. At first I used that engine, if you will, to power out… Elementals. Anyone who read my Favorite Cards-section knows I like legends. If you combine this fact with my affliction for all that is multicolored, I couldn’t not make a deck with Horde of Notions. That deck died as a result of it being too aggressive, and a new card that demanded the deck’s mana base. Enter… Continue reading

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Worlds is here!

I went to sleep yesterday reading a few tweets about how Worlds 2010 was about to kick off. Somehow it escaped my mind that Worlds is one more day of gaming compared to Pro Tours. Probably was the time difference. I’m used to watching sunday morning coverage when it’s already later on the day here in Holland. This time, it’s the other way around, the tournament being early instead of late. When I woke up today I excitedly read all the tweets and poured over the coverage site of all the thursday coverage. Worlds 2010 is upon us and I’m bound to enjoy every bit of it. Continue reading