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Innistrad in Sight

Since we’re right in the middle of preview season and I’m cramped for time, the good and obvious way to combine these two would be to take a gander at the Innistrad Card Image Gallery and say something about a few of the cards that caught my eye. I’ll do these card thoughts in more than three words – when the set is spoiled completely, I want to start a Threeview-series where I review each card in three words. Also there will be a bit of talking about the set’s mechanics and flavor. They are two very prominent aspects of the set, so one can’t not talk about those. Continue reading

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The great submersion

A few days ago, I finally finished BioShock 2. It was a game I bought about a year ago when I saw what I thought was a very good deal on a special edition with a book full of beautiful concept art. I later learned that this ‘very good deal’ could be had everywhere, and that I could’ve bought it later for the same price. The game ended up at the end of a long queue of games. Luckily, playing it was, much like playing the first game, a very memorable experience. The novelty of Rapture had worn off a bit,  but the grim atmosphere and sceneries where still there. The effect Rapture had on me is what inspired me to write the following. Continue reading