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Saturday, April 16th

Today, my latest article went up. I haven’t tested the Glissa-deck yet, so I hope it can hold its own. As always, I’m curious for reader feedback and comments. Luckily, after some goldfishing I got the idea that the deck is much better than the first version. While goldfishing doesn’t give you an idea how interaction with an opponent goes, it does help playing the deck. You get to know some little interactions and just get the general feel of the deck. Plus, you can draw conclusions just by looking at how the deck plays. I came to the conclusion that 4 Golgari Rot Farms was too much, and I removed two of those for a Swamp and a Forest. Continue reading

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Contamination Go

Lately it seems as if I’m all about the lockdown. Heck, it’s probably what you, being biased readers and all, think! And by biased I mean the person you construct in your head based on what I post here. I can’t fault you, though. I’ve written three articles about the same green lockdown deck, and even though I have stated my love for blue in my opening post and my ‘About me’, that statement simply doesn’t shine through in the actual contents. For all you know I am a green mage who loves to deny the opponent resources. Today I would like to show you my latest untested creation. While not green, it does uphold the lockdown-stereotype I have animated. May I present you… Contamination! Continue reading