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Brewing With Bad Cards

Sometimes I cannot resist the temptation I have to build some kooky concoction around a card that is bound to not ever see the light of tournament play. My most recent venture into the world of crappy Johnnytastic-ness, a moment of Johnny weakness if you will, was when I gave into the urge to at least think about an ofEmpires-deck. And so I did. Then I got to wonder – what are the things I shouldn’t do when building this deck? There are pitfalls when brewing decks, but even moreso when brewing with questionable cards. Since I am well-versed in the realm of turning junk rares into decks, I have enough experience to fill you in. Continue reading


No run-of-the-mill Crab

I have found it. I have seen the light. Bant is the way to go for my little crustaceans. Jin (DLink) showed me in the comments of my previous blogpost that black was unneeded, and that the two biggest arguments for black – Head Games and Mind Funeral – could be averted using other cards. Jester’s Mask is Head Games, while Mind Funeral is negated by Archive Trap, another punisher for those who fetch, search and shuffle. And Robert, faitful source of ideas as he always is, gave another pricless tip. I’ll show you below with which cards I’m going to make the final deck.

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