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Looking ahead: PT Journey Into Nyx

It’s that time of the year again: the Pro Tour! Okay, it’s that time of the year four times each year, but what the heck. ‘Tis a season to be jolly! Let me walk you through how I will be spending my time.

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Once Upon a Time in Amsterdam

The upcoming Pro Tour takes me back to almost a year ago. It was, just like it will be this year, the Pro Tour with the largest card pool (Extended instead of Modern). And it was in Amsterdam. What is the relevance of all this? Well, it was the first Pro Tour I visited. Not as a competitor, but just as a railbird and side event-competitor. It was an amazing and fun weekend which won’t happen again, since they closed the Pro Tours for the public. Reminisce a bit with me today, will you?

(Please bear in mind this is written almost a year after it happened and without notes to recall from. Everything comes from the mind. The miiiiiind.) Continue reading

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Worlds is here!

I went to sleep yesterday reading a few tweets about how Worlds 2010 was about to kick off. Somehow it escaped my mind that Worlds is one more day of gaming compared to Pro Tours. Probably was the time difference. I’m used to watching sunday morning coverage when it’s already later on the day here in Holland. This time, it’s the other way around, the tournament being early instead of late. When I woke up today I excitedly read all the tweets and poured over the coverage site of all the thursday coverage. Worlds 2010 is upon us and I’m bound to enjoy every bit of it. Continue reading