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5CC Angelfire Control

Once upon a long ago my love for decks with a lot of colors was founded. I think it was Anavolver that got me thinking. The deck died a long time ago but the flame was never extinguished. When the pro players discovered how Vivid lands interacted with newly reprinted Reflecting Pool I couldn’t stay behind. At first I used that engine, if you will, to power out… Elementals. Anyone who read my Favorite Cards-section knows I like legends. If you combine this fact with my affliction for all that is multicolored, I couldn’t not make a deck with Horde of Notions. That deck died as a result of it being too aggressive, and a new card that demanded the deck’s mana base. Enter… Continue reading


More on the Green Lock

(Read the first post about this deck here.)

In my first contentual post on this blog I described the road my Mono Green Control deck has traveled down. What started as a deck based on the two green Ancestral RecallsSylvan Library plus Abundance, and Yavimaya Elder – eventually became more and more aggressive, something I have a hard time connecting with. Aggressive decks just aren’t in my nature. The green deck needed a massive overhaul, which I did the first draft of yesterday. Today I’ll show you the list and the thoughts behind it. Continue reading


Controlling with Green

Non-conformity entices me. Not only is my musical taste a testament to this, so is my way of building decks. I like to take a walk off the beaten path and do something different, something not like people are used to. Take, for example, my R/b Goblin Control Deck (trying to squeeze every bit of card advantage out of Wort, Boggart Auntie). Another example would be my Mono Green Control deck, the deck I want to talk about now.
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