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Polly wants a cracker

Sometimes you don’t need to build a new deck from scratch. Sometimes there’s one waiting inside another deck – of yours, of a friend, or of a list you saw online. Today I tell the story of the deck hiding inside Mono Green Lockdown. Continue reading


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Drafting deathtouch

With last night’s draft still fresh in mind, here is my report. It was a very fun one, albeit a weird one, too. Mixed signals made it hard for me to determine my second color. But, seeing as I won the whole thing, I must’ve done something right somewhere down the line. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Theros draft

This Saturday, I will be hosting a draft for seven of my friends. It will be our first experience with Theros as a full-fledged draft format. Some of us have added some cards of the set to decks, and I also Winston-drafted twice with two friends, but never have we sat together for a full Theros draft. This article is me writing down some thoughts about the format. Continue reading


Princess Charming

Ever since Shadowmoor came out I’ve been trying to find a good home for Wort. That voyage has led me to many different decks. It started out as a traditional red-green deck that slowly morphed into a more combo-oriented, though more fragile, mana-ramp build. When I decided that deck wasn’t fun to play anymore, the journey that led to today’s deck began. Continue reading

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Mishra is back and has pets

So I realize I haven’t written about Magic in a long time. Well, not for others to see, at least. Ought to be more than a year. So what happened? I got picked up by Red Site Wins. While it sounded promising, the site unfortunately bled out. Without a motivation to write every week, I quickly lost interest. Plus, tagging cards was annoying as hell.  Continue reading

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How I Met Your Gutter

Episode 1: Blasphemy of Mediocrity

Cards, ever since I saw that card on the Innistrad card image gallery, I was sold. I just knew there could be something good there, somewhere. But before I met her in her final incarnation, there was a long way before me. This is the story of how I met your Gutter. Continue reading