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Innistrad Threeview (part 3 of 3)

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Today I conclude my first-ever full Threeview set review. I discuss Innistrad-cards using three words: nothing more, nothing less. It’s poetry in the form of Magic cards. Or nonsense. Probably both.

– [Part 1] – [Part 2] –

*  *  *


snakes on innistrad?

white shadow elf

llurgoyfs invade innistrad

farewell, creeping mold

right kinda tension

nice card, muse!

gum like butthead

great evergreen keyword

human immaculate magistrate

sorry, no trample

could be good

should transform werewolves

new planeswalker puzzle

matt cavotta look-a-like

recycling enters magic

plants versus zombies

woodwork to window

richard garfield creation?

mini lord bear

morbid fangren marauder

dread return this

half dutch name!

hexproof, so good

innistrad: much recursion

first double lord

reveillark painted green

no moonlight transforms?

excellent reprint choice

boring but necessary

food for limited

another doubler? yawn

slick keyword execution

yet another trick

death equals two

a spidery soul

sticky hand woman

self pumping llurgoyf

scientifically relevant flavortext

tree of life

vibrant colors shampoo

necessary bland transformer

witness narrow eternity

true ‘spirit mantle’

*  *  *


perfect horror concept

best preview article

ultimate skaab creature

tournament-worthy vampire dilemma

*  *  *


futureshifted in zendikar

everyday human warhammer

flavorful, ugly art

just another kitesail

makes perfect sense

piston sledging creatures

bloodthirsty kai budde

a ghostbusters hommage

knibbling your sanity

never come back

the necronomicon… awesome

double double strike

another flavor home-run

carnival in venice

just one scarecrow?

interesting flashback tension

opposable thumbs bonus

trinket mage target

just a twig

not worth it

was this necessary?

saw it coming

*  *  *


formerly a battlefield

beautiful gothic architecture

unexpected but fitting

welcome enemy M10-lands

seen in fable

this or skarrg?

kjeldoran outpost lite

pirates, told ya

wasn’t expecting this

creepy haunted house

gate of hell

budget overgrown tomb

*  *  *

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