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Innistrad Threeview (part 2 of 3)

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Today, we continue with this peculiar Innistrad set review. Every card gets discussed, but every card just gets three words. Three! You’d be surprised how much can be said with three words. It’s like poetry, except about Magic.

– [Part 1] –

*  *  *


hungry overweight zombie

why no skulltap?

name the movie

definitely gonna brew

phyrexian arena dude

pumping his tokens

little eli navarro

angry nocturnal cyclops

classic horror stuff

damn souls’ betrayal

worst in set

another chilling card

new carnophage attempt

“leave my lawn!”

allround home run

thief of hope-ish

new aphetto dredging

nice pun bro

regular teenage problems

sure is creepy

me no understand

“yarr, ahoy maties!”

sorin’s hot sister

extreme home makeover

should’ve been pirates

had a stroke

another nightmare trope

prerelease, pretty please?

ssssorry, you ssssuck

well-executed top-down design

a creatural extraction

mask is smoking

“i summon thee!”

armor looks uncomfortable

a frightening block

viewing dictionary, again

soulless one two

interesting card, interesting

another thesaurus case

whole lotta blood

rosemary’s baby much?

finally, black said

*  *  *


goodbye, mirrodin cards

this just sucks

insane limited bomb

chain reaction 2.0

neonate, meaning newborn

don’t like art

flashback deck, build!

randomized card advantage

bigger goblin shortcutter

drink his blood

drink their blood

just one damage?

oozing lovecraftian flavor

mono red control

could surprise standard

no kiln fiend

is this bloodlust?

another firebolt attempt

crossbow provides scale

why only creatures?

interesting but random

the darkest ritual

“come on chaps!”

satanic sucks straws

doesn’t excite me

awesome flavor text

strange human interaction

those damn birds

visions of combo

mechanic: dying spellslingers

way too overcosted

*grabs dictionary again*

*keeps using dictionary*

*puts dictionary away*

*grabs it again*

call him balrog

don’t drink it!

stupid human hater

great artwork contrast

nice for peasant

vampire slaughter cry

isn’t an autobot

*  *  *

Tomorrow: artifacts, gold cards and lands!

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