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Innistrad Threeview (part 1 of 3)

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Around the time of the M12 prerelease I had a few cards I wanted to talk about, but I found out there wasn’t much to say about them. So I limited what I could say about them to three words per card. Today, I’m doing the same for Innistrad, card for card. A lot of this is made up on the spot, making this almost some kind of psychological experiment where I just blurt out the first three coherent words that come to mind. I have no idea how this will turn out, so please let me know in the comments if I have struck set-reviewing gold or a turd. Here goes for the first two colors: white and blue!


just limited fodder

kamigawa’s second coming

for the johnnies

lawkeeper beats priest

very flexible aura

strange ‘champion’ definition

gravity says hi

always wear make-up

weirdest lord ever

I’d rather judg(m)e(nt)

no blessed sleep

careful there, grandpa

buffy grew sideburns

manscarfs are gay

butcher with face

you’re too late

inner timmy nerdgasm

linda blair again

leyline of innistrad

what, two souls?

the meek rule!

two dudes seriously

could be good

limited combat trick

no more meddling

where’s my dictionary?

a necessary card

come on farmers!

sounds like puke

selfless aka kamikaze

innistrad hates enchantments

sideburn buffy’s brother

monstrous last breath

again, combat trick

white weenie bear

hates my decks

equals one elephant

limited rating pending

why so cannibalistic?

calling father merrin

looks like gerrard

meet street wraith

*  *  *


angry horned turtle

blue’s oversold cemetery

one angry spirit

interesting clone variant

jekyll and hyde

buried, cardboard incarnated

best curiosity art

arkham horror reminder

lovely little weirdness

need lotsa copies

flavortext explains reprint

hate this card

love this card

one big crustacean

too much eyeliner

probably liking this

ludevic is sadistic

new sword carrier

best wincon ever

annoying blue blocker

costs too much

look up ‘zwelgje’

skaab clan mauler

very big buttcrack

emrakuls for breakfast

unlike anything ever

gil scott-heron?

hitchcock lives on

zee are coming!

is gonna happen

david hasselhoff occultist

gives me chills

such serene artwork

omg 69 lolololol

birthing pod synergy

simply the best

aura’s get better


oglor very funny

german storm spirit

personal pet card

must. build. deck.

*  *  *

Tomorrow: black and red!

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